2008 Christmas Party (12.20.2008)

Holiday decoration and presents

Lower Elementary School Group Coordinators

Middle Elementary School Group Coordinators

Upper Elementary School Group Coordinators

Middle School Group Coordinators

High School Group Coordinators

Advisory Board Chair Miranda Fong, President Brigitta Dai, and Advisory Board Vice-Chair Sue Yang help with setting up the food.

Vice President of Community Affairs Sylvia Ma and Vice President of Tutoring Program Aldrin Leung stand in front of the gifts.

Lifetime Advisory Board Member Riley Chung gives welcoming speech while President and Lifetime Advisory Board Member Brigitta Dai looks on.

Aldrin Leung provides a welcoming speech as emcees Kevin Hwang, Tiffany Chang, and Kelly Shih look on.

Aldrin Leung, Riley Chung and Brigitta Dai (right side) with workshop leaders Lily Shen, Nae Ning Lin, and Ying-Ju Tsai

Riley Chung, Aldrin Leung, and Brigitta Dai (right side) pose with adult class teachers Douglas Ross (represented by his son Sean Ross), Tiffany Yang, Lily Shen, Grace Maa and Eric Kuang

Riley Chung (top left), Aldrin Leung (top left), Betty Leung (lower left), and Brigitta Dai (lower right) pose with the coordinators

Adult Volunteers have all been thanked for their dedicated work.

A feast has been brought by all the members of CAPSA.

Other side of the feast of food

The dessert table stretches quite a length.

CAPSA members wait patiently in line for food.

Quite a large crowd showed up for the party.

Another view of the party showing the presents each tutor and tutee received.

A group of coordinators eat before gifts are drawn.

Tutors enjoy the food.

Gifts are being drawn with Kelly Shih calling out the number as Tiffany Chang looks on.

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