2009 Award Ceremony (5.16.2009)

Adult volunteers help prepare for the Award Ceremony.

Adult volunteers prepare dessert for the Award Ceremony.

Awards are laid out by coordinators and other volunteers.

Middle School Group Lead Coordinator Kelly Shih, Mentor Sujuan Shih, and CAPSA photographer Kuodong Shih

Adult volunteers

Volunteer Robert Wang and Director of Tutoring Program Aldrin Leung

Mentor Sujuan Shih, VP of Registration Sue Yang, and adult volunteer Sue Lin

President of CAPSA Brigitta Dai and Workship leader Nae Ning Lin with their husbands

Photographers Eugene Hwang and Wenhsing Yang

Emcees of the award ceremony, Lillian Li, Alice He and Richard Fan

Adult volunteers

Carol Chen Memorial Essay Contest Winners with Brigitta Dai, Dr. Aldrin Leung, and Dr. Martin Chen

Coordinators help with the awards


Drinks and food

Tutoring session before ceremony starts

Tutoring session before ceremony starts

Adult Volunteers

Adult class teachers with Dr. Karen Woodson, Director of MCPS ESOL/Bilingual Programs

10-year and 5-year award recipients

Graduating Seniors

Graduating Coordinators

All Coordinators

Outstanding Tutors

Recipients of Tutee Attendance and Achievement Awards

Special guests: Vicki Medina, Dr. Karen Woodson, and Dr. Martin Chen with Director Dr. Aldrin Leung

Tutors of the middle school and high school groups

Tutors of all elementary school groups

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